Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lucia Hartini

Lucia Hartini, Spying Lens, 1989, oil on canvas.

What you need to know about the artist and the artwork:

Symbols and their meanings in relation to her history:

• Influenced by history of being a Catholic Woman in a predominantly Muslim society (Indonesia).
• Eyes – symbolic of always being watched – either reference to Indonesian Government or of being a minority
• Brick wall – idea of being trapped, cornered, stems from her history as a domestic violence victim
• Wrapped ribbon – idea of a safety net to hold and support her – supported by the fact that she is floating, and once again her history of being a domestic violence victim

  • Hartini's works show the influence of SURREALISM. Check earlier posts to see what Surrealism is.
  • In this work, complementary colors are used. This creates tension in the artwork, as the colors clash and cause discomfort when placed together.

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